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that time los angeles ate my phones

Scott and I ahve been meaning to go to santa monica and go to the beach and the pier (and also to go to the hollywood hills), but we never wake up early enough to make a whole day of it. We finally just went last Thursday. I hadn't been in the water at a beach in so long! It was pretty fun. However, the amusements on the pier were all closed ofr a private part, what luck. So, we just walked around, had pier burgers,  and then rode the carousel. For some reason the operator wouldn't let me ride on the goat next to scott's horse. We also wasted money on an old timey biorhythyms machine that we didn't know how to use. When we were leaving, i mentioned how I never hang out with Lolo and I wonder if he's off. Seconds later his boyfriend texted wanting to watch gone girl, so we headed over. What a twisty turny movie! His boyfriend and room mate really like to keep your wine glass full and we had to stay later than planned to eat and let the buzz wear off. When we got home i dropped my phone exiting the car. The glass didn't shatter, however the LCD started blinking. When I woke up in the morning the lcd had two giant purple spots, then throughout the day it slowly turned black and became unusable. My phone is no longer offered, the insurance claim replaced it with an HTC one. Because my claim was on a Friday I couldn't get a phone until Monday and Fed Ex didn't leave it on the first attempt, so I stayed home all of Tuesday waiting for my phone. Since I'm trying to land a salaried job at this cool local eatery, i was a little worried about being unreachable. Plus, without a car, its a little difficult to get around without maps and uber. I can't just walk across Los Angeles like its San Francisco, not unless I have loads of time and lots of water. I set up akk my contacts which took some figuring out. When I came home from work on Wednesday, my key got stuck in the mail box. I had to unscrew the lock and get my key out and put it back together. It was late and I was stressed after working a much longer day than planned, being told to come in the next day on my off day and knowing i had an interview at 3 pm that I hadn't had tiem to prepare for. I set down my phoen on top of the mailboxes while fixing the lock. I forgot it when i went inside. It was dying and needed ot be charged. After trying on some interview clothes I remembered i needed to charge my phone, but it was nowhere to be found. And then i remembered the mailbox, so i went outside to look. It wasn't there. Scott had gone out to get a pizza and hadn't seen it. It disappeared within half an hour. We texted the building manager to check the camera to see if i indeed left it there or not. Then we searched throughout the apartment. We called it several times and after the first couple of attempts it went straight to voicemail, I figured it died already. I tried locating it in android device manager, but nothing. I figured it was because it ran out of battery. I tried ot locate it several more times, hoping someone picked it up for safekeeping and didn't know who's it was and maybe charged it by morning. I went ot work where i needed to text my boss who just went on vacation with questions, but i couldn't. I also had to trust that uber ordered bys cott would show up and take me to my interview. Once I got there, the pastry chef interviewing me was late. I started to panic thinking i couldn't call her, she couldn't call me. I couldn't call or text scott. I was kind of helpless. So, I just waited. I remember this was one of my manager's favorite techniques, showing up late and seeing how the candidate reacts. She showed up and apologized and all was fine. I think we hit it off. I'm hoping she's considering me. She doesn't really know what she's doing, she's never hired a manger before. So, I'm not relaly sure what to think. She talked as though it was mine and i just needed ot accept, but who knows. She gave me her number and email address. I explained that my phone was stolen and gave her scott's number. We'll see. She wants me to tour the kitchen. This is such a strange process, everything is through a recruiting company. It seems like an awesome job, but it also seems a little made up as you go. So, I'm not sure how I feel about it, but i think its worth a try. It'd be a lot more money than I make now, and semi-regular hours. At least not as crazy as my hours now, she seemed shocked when i told her how my schedule works. I would be learning quite a bit about running a business and working with a well known chef. The things she makes are really cool. I can't say much more, its supposed to be confidential. Anyway...

Getting home i had to go to bed soon. I hadn't realied hwo long we talked at the interview. I made it home around 530. I did take the bus, but the meeting must've lasted until 430 at least. I had to be at work at 3 am for inventory. The apartment manager came by and returned my phone. She checked the cameras and the neighbor that took it came in right after i walked away, did a double take, and came back 2 minutes later to "check his mail". He then covered up the phone with mail and walked away with it. She went to talk to him and told him she needs the phoen he took and then asked "is there any reason you kept it and didn't give it to me?" to which he replied, "i was going to answer". Yeah, sure, just like he answered it last night? We also texted and emailed it int he morning saying to return it to #11. ( i still believed it was a good samaritan). He had also given it to his girlfriend. I'm really glad we have cameras in our building. I suppose that's a benefit of being in a historically high crime area that has calmed down in recent years. Everyone has cameras. When I looked through my phone I noticed everything had alreayd been erased. IT was fully charged and disconnected from google. My texts were gone, everything gone except a couple of voicemails. Oh sure, they weren't stelaing that. How lame! I am lucky that it was found. 

work lunch

I was looking over my past entries (they are so scarce!) and ran across my engine 2 food diary. This reminded me of my new favorite work lunch/brunch. I'm not hungry early in the morning, so i often don't eat when i leave for work before 6. Now that I make juice and smoothies all day, I really crave fruit and often my lunch is still pretty early morning and prepared foods only has breakfast out, so i constructed a breakfast salad that i really love. Its my new favorite thing to eat:

cottage cheese
fruit (strawberries, raspberries, grapes sometimes melon sometimes mango)
dried cranberries
sunflower seeds and/or walnuts
balsamic vinegar

I sometimes put a turkey sausage link on the side. I love that salad. 


I find the show really interesting and easy to binge watch. Sometimes I hate it because I think Lena Dunham kinda looks like me a little. And there are so many times I relate to her and she's both so horrible and yet not at the same time. I don't want to be hannah, but sometimes i'm like, omg, i was totally hannah in some situations (with a lot less money and a lot less education), yikes.

I'm on season 4 and so far, Hannah is such a spoiled brat. Not that her class isn't, but they do call her out on her bullshit. Sometimes these characters annoy me so much, but at the same time i've met every one of those characters in the real world at some point. That's what makes it so watchable. Girls, I love you and hate you at the same time.

And at the end of every episode i'm like, why am i not writing?


I am afraid to go out after an incident that happened a couple of days ago. I've been walking around my neighborhood a little to see where its okay to walk and where there are things to do. I checked out Olympic and there are a ton of Korean restaurants and its seems it wouldn't be too far of a walk to Koreatown proper...maybe 20-30 minutes. Pico on the other hand has a lot of gang tags, however, there are more people out all the time on pico. I first went to a central american grocery store on Pico. I was nervous, but everything turned out fine, seemed much like places I grew up in (that's what made me nervous- jacinto city/galena park vibe). I found a tortilleria, I bought fresh tortillas, i found an ice cream shop with amazing tropical ice cream flavors that was hella busy. Then I decided I'd go to Olympic and take a bus to Koreatown. The bus was late. People started to pile up at the stop, so I figured, my app says bus is only 10 minutes faster than walking, i'll start walking. I crossed the next street and a silver mercedes was waiting at the light. As I passed, the man said "hows your day going?" and i replied "good, thanks". Then he turned and started trailing alongside me asking very polite and friendly questions while smiling, however, it was making me nervous to have a car trailing me. He parked and waved with a 'sweet' under his hand. I gestured "no thanks" and kept walking. He pulled around the corner slowly. I was afraid to cross that as he might be waiting. By this time i'm at the next bust stop down. I'm debating whether to wait there, keep going, or go back to the bus stop full of people. I also contemplate walking home or going into a restaurant. I start to walk back and there's a man approaching me. Turns out, in that timespan he drove back around and parked and was now walking towards me. He smiles, he's polite, he reaches out to shake hands and says "i'm omar, where are you going?" He offers me a ride, i politely decline and continue walking towards the original bus stop. He keeps offering the ride and says "don't worry i got you", i say "thank you for offering, that's so kind, but i'm okay" he walks towards his trunk and watches me walk away. As I'm approaching the bus stop the bus pulls up and i run into it. On the plus side, dude never flipped over into aggro mode as i've encountered in sf and nyc. He was smiling, talking softly and super friendly. But his insistence really scared me, especially being new here and not having a car to retreat to. As the bus heads towards my destination i see a silver mercedes parked ahead and i'm thinking "oh shit, is he going to wait at the major koreatown stops?". I get off at the galleria and rush in, walking around aimlessly wherever there are people. I'm shaken up by this for a good hour. I was scared to walk to the plaza down the street. I finally did and once i sat down to eat, I thought, well, it wasn't really that bad. Maybe the dude really is that nice. How sad is it that I live in a world where nice is suspect? I don't care how nice you are, i am still not getting into a car with a stranger in a place i don't know very well, no matter how nice your car is and how friendly your smile is, especially if you continue to follow me after i've declined the ride 3 times.

I am still a little scared to walk around alone now, in case Omar lives in the neighborhood. What a bummer.

Well, hello there journal

I apparently would rather waste time on facebook than write about what's going on in  my life. I am movign to Los Angeles in a couple of weeks. I secured an apartment and everything. I have not secured a job. I made up my mind to quit and then a team leader position popped up. I was getting pretty excited, but my ex boyfriend is the associate coordinator and on my interview panel (and kind of my boss if i get it). I also looked it up on the map and it is a hella far bus ride to get to work. I fluctuate between thinking it will be fine and if i hate it i can quit and thinking fuck it, i'll just go ahead and quit. I haven't been incredibly happy in my workplace lately anyhow and i've worked for the same company for a pretty long time. Maybe its time to take a risk. That's where i'm at right now. 

For those about to Chao

I tired the Chao slices on grilled cheese the other night. I put them head to head with american cheese. Keep in mind i don't really like americna cheese, i usually opt for cheddar. I made grilled cheese sandwiches with broccoli stems. One with Spicy Cayenne Chao and one with american cheese. I tried the chao sandwich first, i bit in and thought, "well, this is a little too gooey". It tasted okay though, what with the peppers in it. Then I bit into the american cheese sanwich and I realized american cheese is also way too gooey. Honestly, it makes a really good processed cheese alternative. I actually liked the Chao better. (its no cheddar, however) Scott also liked both sandwiches. He liked them about the same. He's a junk food, american cheese enthusiast.

I'm trying the Chao in enchiladas tonight. I mixed original with spicy cayenne. It should make those gooey cheese enchiladas (admittedly not my favorite, but it will be cool to see if it ends up tasting about the same). This would be the first time i've made truly vegan cheese enchiladas. Weird. Sounds like an abomination. I'm going to put avocado and chopped onions on top and pretend i'm at one of those super cheap tex mex places with the gooey sticky cheese enchiladas. Too bad i don't have margaritas.

The Chao is pretty much devoid of nutritional value (except fat), so i probably won't buy it much, but it is sure fun to try it. 

healthy food and stuff

January 2nd I stuck to the modified juice fast okay. I had physical therapy and was really hungry afterwards. I drank a lot of juice that day. I ate a couple of satsumas and for dinner we had acorn squash enchiladas. They were pretty good and a lot less cheese than cheese enchiladas. I somehow made them super spicy, so that kinda sucked, especially since my system was on a break from food. I worked the next day, so i decided to eat. I had juice in the morning, then at work i sampled things in the kitchen. It was kind of a hectic day and i was pretty much a team member and on my feet all day. For lunch I had gua-kale-mole with mini sweet peppers and endive. I tried "spa water". It had cinnamon and apple and was surprisingly sweet. I never thought to infuse water with cinnamon. Now I want to do it all the time. The stl gave me a green onion scone she had leftover, which was buttery and delicious. When i went home i ate a peanut butter filled christmas tree. I had an intense chocolate craving. My stomach hurt afterwards. It was probably like "what the fuck are you trying to do?". We had a salad with gem lettuce, radish, carrots, broccoli, bacuns, shredded cheese, and hilary's eat well chia ranch. The dressing was okay. Kind of dilly. I threw some santa fe cornsticks from our nature box on top. We also had whole wheat spaghetti with roasted garlic tomato sauce and parmesan and a glass of red wine. Today I had the last roots juice and a couple of bites of leftover salad ( i, weirdly, do not despise soggy salad). Then I snacked at work. It is impossible to resist pulled rotisserie chicken right now. There were peanut butter pretzels in the break room, they tasted like nutty buddies. I ate a lot of those. Things seem to taste better now. I guess it helps that my taste buds aren't as dulled over with fat and salt. The last couple of juices i drank i was like "wow, are these really better or have i just acclimated to the juice?" They were so delicious. I am in love with the Greens Blend 5; it has: spinach, romaine, fennel, cilantro, orange, pineapple. The pineapple orange was strong, but that cilantro and fennel combo really added something to it. It was just my favorite juice ever. For lunch today I had a steamed broccoli burrito from the burrito joint across the street from work, it sounds strange, but you can't go wrong with broccoli and cheese (broccoli, cheese, rice, black beans, avocado, tomatillo sauce). I love that burrito and always forget its an option. Scott and i worked together, so we rode together, i knew he'd want to get mcdonald's for dinner. So, I actually looked up the menu last night so i could plan out what to order. We ended up skipping it because we were both still full from lunch. We're going to have a smoothie in a few minutes. I haven't decided what's going to go in it. Maybe almond milk, lettuce, orange, banana (i only have the chocolate covered frozen ones from tj's), moringa powder, and hemp protein. Maybe. I'll have to see what flavors of the protein we have. He works in the nutrition section and gets all kinds of samples of product, so the goal is now to use them because they take up so much room!

I really love aged nut cheeses. They have this funkiness, kind of like an aged cheese, but are their own thing. A couple of days ago i bought some vegan cheese to try. I just tried them a few minutes ago. One was Myoko's Kitchen Smoked Farmhouse. That sucker was rich, salty, smoky, and really good. Its an aged cashew cheese. They can be expensive, but no more expensive than getting a nice aged cheese, and are far richer, so you kind of eat less at a time. The other was Field Roast Chao Tomato Cayenne. These are slices. They're some kind of fermented coconut milk thing. It actually was a lot like eating a sliced pepper jack. Supposedly they melt too. That would be awesome as i think Daiya is disgusting and am trying to eat less cheese (but love it still). Someone who worked in the cheese department told me they think its funny when vegetarians are looking for a vegetarian cheese. She mentioned that its even crueler than eating meat. I'd never thought of it that way, but she's right. The animal is impregnated over and over and the babies are taken away and that's how you get cheese. Dairy animals are pretty much tortured- pregnancy is no walk in the park. I've never been vegetarian for animal cruelty reasons, but it sure gives me pause and makes me feel better about exploring plant options.

okay, well, smoothie time.

New Year's Resolution

To live healthy. I am going to use all of the nutrtion knowledge and put it to use. I am going to get up and move and have strong joints again. I am going to make more time to write, because i love to do it. I am going to get out of the apartment more often. I am going to cook more, because i love to. I am going to clean my apartment at least once a week.

New Year's Eve I worked. I intentionally scheduled myself not to be at work at the start of the new year. I was originally going to close, but the other atl, who is young and loves nightlife, wanted to switch. I thought this was odd as she should have some place to be, but I agreed so i could have my afternoon off. Our baker discovered the new cookies we ordered and set up a warm sample for the team, they were fudge filled peanut butter, fudge filled chocolate chip, and jelly filled peanut butter. All with molten centers. Delicious. Our store team leader set up the oddest snack meal for the holiday, a bar of assorted christmas chocolate (including cocoa dusted kale), bananas, satsumas, and day old sushi. I ate a little of all of this (do not recommend chocolate kale, btw). My boss burned some goat cheese bacon wrapped dates, I ate two to confirm they were burned. I made more, and sampled some of those as well, then i ate more free chocolate. Needless to say, I was not hungry for lunch.I went to the juice place down the street. They had a special that was ending that day, 4 juices for $20 (their juice is in the $6-$8 range). I bought 8 juices, i went vegetable heavy, with one cold brew coffee almond milk thing. When I finished work the lines were much too long for me to pick up dinner.  I came home, Scott and I ordered a bbq rotisserie chicken dinner, drank som blanc de blanc, watched the interview because we could, and then watched drunk history until midnight.

Today I decided i'd juice until supper for 3 days (because i have all this juice that is only good 3 days). I will snack on whole foods if i need/want to; things like carrots, fruit, nuts, celery. I had the vanilla coffee drink, a greens blend (it had apple in it which made it almost too sweet), some chai rooibos tea. I walked to the store to get some black eyes peas and corn bread. I was really really hungry when i came home. All I could think about was that i had avocados that were going to go bad. I cut into one to discover it was indeed bad. The second one i mashed up with garlic and chopped jalapeno and ate with a crisped up sprouted corn tortilla. Probably should have just eaten the avocado with a spoon. Oh well. Black eyed peas on the stove. They are cooking with an onion, 3 rainbow carrots, 1.5 bunches of spinach, 1 bunch of radish greens, a sprig of rosemary, and some fresh vegetable broth..oh yeah, and andouille sausage. Not quite the recommended juice until dinner meal, but whatever. It should still be loads better for me than all the fast food i've been eating the last two months. I am drinking a roots blend now, it has beet, i love beet in juice. And celery, celery is amazing because its kind of salty and adds a savoriness to juice. 

After Christmas

Wow, I really missed a few days. There were so many times I thought of things to write about here. Like when I watched Under the Skin and I thought it did an amazing job of conveying the idea of being preyed upon.

spoilers aheadCollapse )

Christmas happened. My knee hurt more than it has in awhile. I was worried. The last time I saw the physical therapist, Monday 12/22, he told me there are two competing theories about my diagnosis. One is Bursitis, the bursa being irritated, such as when someone who kneels frequently like a carpet layer, gets up suddenly and the knee hurts. The other is Patellar tracking, the knee cap slides out of place when bending or straightening the leg. And both are usually responsive to the treatment. (mine isn't at the moment). This made me feel like i'm imagining it or something. But it really does hurt sometimes. I looked them both up. I think its more likely the knee cap thing, as that is when it hurts, when i bend my knee or straighten it. My knees pop and grind and feel out of place, and sometimes feel as though they will buckle (the reason i call the nurse to begin with). Also, the other physical therapist did exercises to determine if my hips were weak and we discovered that my left hip is weaker than my right, which causes me to walk differently on that side (and on the knee that is worse). However, when the pain is really bad, they are hot to the touch, which is more on the bursa side. can you have both? who knows. On Christmas day my left knee was pretty bad. We watched the hobbit and it started to hurt, then when i straightened it out it felt loose and like my lower leg wasn't connected, i had to bend and straighten it while it was popping over and over until it felt 'in place' and was more comfortable. Scott got me a deskcycle for christmas. I love it. It really does feel better to use it when my legs feel crampy and its really quiet. The last few days my knees haven't felt bad. Sometimes i'm uncomfortable or my legs are fatigued, but not 'in pain'. So since monday, they hurt worse for 4 days, and then felt better for 4 days. So what do i check off on my recheck form tomorrow? that its better or worse? it was both. i guess better, as the better is more recent.

Saturday, I stook the bus to the BART station. It lets out across from the main entrance, but you can still go down to the plaza and get there from that side. I started to descend the stairs and these two men standing at the top to the side of the stairs (where there is a walkway above ground) yelled "hey! hey! its closed." It took me a minute to realize they were yelling at me. "its closed, but that one is open"- pointing across the street to the other side. I thought for a minute "is it holiday hours? is it closed until 8 am today; i have to be at work by 7! damn i don't want to call a cab" and then i thought, "no, its saturday, its not a holiday, and saturday is normal, wtf" I continued my descent while they kept yelling for me to go by the other side. I wondered what their endgame was. Were they trying to get me to come up and walk past them? and why? to ask a tourist for money for helping them? or to attack a girl that doesn't know where she's going? or do they honestly not know that you can get to the entrance whether you go down the stairs on this side or the other side? I will never know. As i walked into the BART station i muttered, "looks plenty open to me". No one was around to hear my remark. I puzzled over why they would tell me it was closed. It has stuck with me. I don't know what that was about.

Things that happened yesterday

I forgot about the meteor shower, sadly. That would've been awesome.

I returned some library books around 11:30 am. I'd had them for a few months. I was researching witch trials after watching The Lords of Salem a few months ago. Afterwards, I wandered into the Asian Art museum, which is right next to the library. I first went to the gift store; browsed some awesome illustrated books on Indian epics. Ever since I watched Sita Sings the Blues, i've been obsessed with Indian storytelling. I read 1,001 Arabian nights. Silly, i know. Scott makes fun of how I love Indian culture. As soon as I realized Lolo lives within walking distance of an Indian grocery store and Bollywood video store, he knew we'd have to move to Culver City. Anyway, the South Asian art is on the top floor and i always wander there last, without enough time to look at it as thoroughly. However, I noticed there was a special exhibit on the trade route of Saudi Arabia, so I paid entrance. The trade roads exhibit was less exciting than I thought it would be, though I did get to smell Frankincense and Myrrh and now understand why it was such an expensive and precious thing. Also, I love Myrrh now. On my way upstairs, I stopped into an exhibit on Tetsya Ishida 'Saving the World with a Brushstroke'. This deeply affected me. Maybe I was too hormonal at this time of month. Maybe I've become disenchanted with the food/service industry. Maybe I'm a sap, but this (its a piece called "Contact", in case the link doesn't work)got me. At first, i was like, okay yeah, whatever. Then I was like, why do i keep going back to this. Then I cried. No really. Everyone else around seemed to be torn up by the teddy bear in this piece ("Autonomy"), But it was "Contact" that got me. Contact.
After I went around the room and appreciated the bleakness in humor in all of them, i moved on to the Korean galleries, hopeful I'd see the Shaman paintings I was drawn to the last time I went to this museum. They must've been a temporary exhibit. It seems as though archealogical finds maybe have a permanent home here and the paintings are traveling. Good to know.
I made my way to the South Asian halls where, as usual, I had less time to look around because i took so much time on the other floors. The museum wasn't about to be closed, but i gave myself a time line of leaving by 3ish. Must remember to do top floor first next time. This time it was much more archaealogical than I remember the first time around as well. I did learn a lot about godesses. I'd never heard of White Tara or the lion faced goddess. Indian and indonesian goddess reliefs are so much bustier than the rest of the museum, and seem to have belly rolls. A strange thing to observe maybe, but i think i notice them more because i relate to curves more.
When I left the museum, my path home was blocked by a protest. As the people walked by and started lifting their hands and shouting "hands up, don't shoot", i cried again. Maybe I really was hormonal yesterday. I'm a much more weepy bleeder these days than when i was younger. Oddly a religious group had joined in and co-opted people on the sidelines, handing out religious pamphlets. A few drunk santas looked annoyed as they tried to stumble by. The police presence made me nervous, but they quickly dissipated as the group made its way to city hall. Once I realized they were marching to City Hall, I decided to join in for a little while. I glanced up and saw two policemen on the roof, looking down at the crowd. I looked around and saw the mixture of old sf hippies, young camera ready internet journalists, white anarcho punks, and just normal run of the mill black and white people from all walks of life. Someone was talking on a megaphone, no one near me could understand a word they were saying, but people clapped anyway. I caught enough of every other word to understand something like, "people should be arrested and jailed for crimes...", rather than executed. Someone was telling their life story. Then a black man was speaking. I record it this way, because it seemed as if that was what was announced. While I do beleive racism still exist and is flaunted in these instances, I wonder if the true crime is a crime of being poor, and racism is trumpeted to distract us from that. In the end does it matter? Does it matter which one is trumpeted as long as we get the reform we want/need? Only time will tell. I start to think about the teenager I was. I think about reading about civil rights marches, abolitionist, suffragists, women's lib; and thinking i'd never see that. I'd never live in a time where I'd be a part of that. And now here I am in San Francisco, in the middle of a protest over police abuse of authority at City Hall. Sometimes I think its ridiculous as we are so far away from the national cases and the protests here seem small and disorganized. And then I read the paper, about the two police indicted over stealing property form tenants in SRO's. I think about the portests I was so annoyed by when i first moved here, the ones where BART police shot black men for not paying fare. I often told people never to dodge BART police, as that seemed to be a regular MO with them. I think about learning in elementary school about places where your hand was cut off for stealing and how our country was above that. No, we just think stealing is a death sentence here, that's all. Then my left knee starts hurting. I start watching drunk santas shamble on, oblivious to history. I wonder if Santacon was first ironically mocking a stereotype, the one where down on their luck alcoholic types were the only people who signed up for santa jobs and the ongoing joke on television was the drunk Santa. I think about that Twilight Zone episode I love where the drunk wishes he could really be santa for christmas and finds santa's bag. I think about how that episode symbolizes how America sees the poor. I think about how much I love that episode, and how great it would be to be santa for a day. I think about how heartless it is to really mock the drunks for signing up for santa. I wonder if Santacon was originally people who were tired of being mall santas and thought it was funny. I think about looking it up later. Then I think it doesn't matter as now Santacon is just an excuse for any old jackass to put on red clothes in the name of getting drunk. I think about how this seemed to make sense in the recession when I lived in NYC, and everyone was like fuck it, i'm so broke, but i could really use a drink with a side of human interaction (contact), but we're coming out of it now and it seems like the only people at Santacon are the ones with dollars to waste. I decide to walk home up Larkin. I think about how walking through San Francisco never ceases to amaze me. The lines of people waiting to get a table at the hip restaurant cross the lines of people waiting to get into the shelter before curfew. I decide to video my walk up Larkin Street. I wonder if i should just do this randomly walking around whenever I can, so everyone can see what its like. Its a pretty shaky, not planned video, but its really what larkin street looks like walking up the hill. Here it is(also, i wish youtube didn't kill video quality on upload):

And that was my day. I haven't been out and about and off the internet in awhile. It was nice. Here's a link to the Christmas Twilight Zone episode I love and refernce above:

and here is one article i found about the history of santacon: